As a growing IB school, St. Jude’s Academy is constantly on the lookout for high-quality staff. If you’re a team player who’s willing to go above and beyond what is expected in the public sector and you’re passionate about student success we would love to consider you for part of our team!

St. Jude’s Academy is a rapidly-growing school in Mississauga that seeks to offer great value to parents. We consider our school the “Honda Accord” of the educational market here in the GTA. We’re not the flashiest, and we’re definitely not the most expensive, but we consistently impress our clients and outperform our competition.

We value teamwork and harmony as we work hard to be our best. Students and staff alike recognize the difference between St. Jude’s and their former school right away due to our family-like atmosphere, despite being a school of nearly 500 students. If you teach to make a difference in students’ lives, St. Jude’s is a great place to see that passion a reality.

If you are interested in being part of a hard-working team that routinely outperforms our “high-end” competition, we invite you to let us know about what you bring to the table. We’re always looking for great people to work with at St. Jude’s Academy!

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    The cover letter should tell us things like why you decided to get into teaching, the position for which you are applying, your teaching experience and contact information. Please submit this as a PDF or Microsoft Word document.

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    Please submit your resumé as a PDF or Microsoft Word document. You can include references with your resumé or add them in the fields to the right. Feel free to tell us everything you think would be relevant to your work here at St. Jude’s Academy, including your hobbies and interests.

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    Vulnerable Sector Check

    Also known as a “Police Check,” the vulnerable sector check proves that you don’t have a record of posing a risk to children. In Peel region, record checks are headquartered in Brampton. Here is the link to the appropriate website: Peel Vulnerable Sector Check