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Developmental Therapist

  • Salary

    TBD: Pay is based on experience

  • Availability

    Full time

  • Location

    Mississauga, ON


St. Jude’s Academy is a private school located in Mississauga, Ontario, teaching students from JK to Grade 12. We are currently interested in expanding our student busing program and would like to hire school bus drivers for the job! A successful candidate will be working on a daily part-time basis, Monday to Friday, on all school days during the school year, September to June, during the AM and PM time for student pick-up and drop-off.


  • Strong knowledge and experience working with children, adolescence and young adults youth with developmental disorders, mental illness, challenging behaviours (ages of 3-21 years)
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills
  • Demonstrate ability to cope and remain calm in stressful situations
  • Ability to problem-solve in crisis situations
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • Ministry approved Crisis intervention Training (eg. UMAB, CPI, Safe Management) Competencies:
  • Education Required Education: ECE Diploma, Bachelors of psychology, health sciences
  • Masters in Child development, or equivalent experience


  • We have a commitment to continued development in service excellence and quality, innovation and team collaboration
  • Career stability and job security based on solid performance, knowledge of our organizational goals, positive engagement with our clients, and your interests opening up a wide variety of career paths within our growing organization
  • Work in a dynamic, collaborative environment where you are encouraged to share your ideas
  • Additional employment opportunities to earn additional income
  • Opportunities to have extensive vacation periods throughout the year

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    Vulnerable Sector Check

    Also known as a “Police Check,” the vulnerable sector check proves that you don’t have a record of posing a risk to children. In Peel region, record checks are headquartered in Brampton. Here is the link to the appropriate website: Peel Vulnerable Sector Check

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